Sensing Toxins

I think I’ve figured out why so many mothers seem a little obsessive over chemicals and toxins their children are exposed to – pregnancy.

Pregnancy increases sensitivity to everything. I have a super sense of smell and can smell the tinniest hint of cigarette smoke or food gone bad. Breathing in a bit of windex is enough to make me light headed and need to sit down. I suddenly had to switch my laundry routine because the products I used before caused me to itch. Supposedly this increased sensitivity is supposed to keep the baby safer by being more aware of dangers. Either that or because a pregnant woman’s immune system is depressed, it’s a matter of self preservation. Either way, a pregnant body has toxin sensing super powers.

My brother kind of summed it up best. We bought new carpet for our house and I couldn’t be in the house for a few weeks to give it time to off gas. I checked on it a few days after the installation and just a quick visit gave me a headache and sore throat. My brother saw this and said that if I’m just more sensitive to it, that means that there is something being released by the carpet and he wondered what that meant for him breathing it in. Does not having a reaction make it any safer?

It has made me question a lot of products that I use. I’m definitely worried about what my baby is exposed to and that is making me a little crazy. I refuse to buy cheaply made products for baby. Everyone tells me that the baby won’t care, he will be comfortable in anything, but why would I give my newborn something that made me sick? Maybe in a few months I’ll change my mind and go back to chemical cleaners, heavily processed foods, and flame retardant man-made fabrics.



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6 responses to “Sensing Toxins

  1. I think your pregnant body is giving you the right clues. We’re all exposed to too many toxins. My daughter and son-in-law are still super careful with what they buy for their son, and he’s already five years old.

  2. Sorrel

    Having being involved in manufacturing in China when working for an international company, I am well aware of how quick they are in substituting raw materials with cheaper toxic options: one factory owner thought he could get away with using lead paint on a plastic component that subsequently grew a toxic fungus. thankfully . The health of your child is more important than money. Our systems were strong enough to catch this early on. Likewise with any foods you are consuming: In a country that substitutes rat for beef (the food scandal of this year), you have to be sure what you are feeding yourself. Health is the main thing I don’t compromise on in China.

  3. So pregnant women are simply more sensitive to stuff… i never really understood this. nor did i understand why some women were so picky about what they purchased after giving birth..
    thanks. write some more!

    • Pregnant women are more sensitive and so are babies. After having reactions to everything, I hated the idea of a super sensitive baby having reactions and became more picky. I thought it was weird before having kids though.

      • You probably guessed I don’t have kids, so for now i still find that stuff weird – when it comes from a fresh mom who had no issues before getting pregnant. :/
        I hope your child will be strong and healthy throughout his life. [or her life: my memory is short, so i forgot if you have a son or a daughter, sorry]

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