Who am I? As Chinese people can’t seem to pronounce my name, I usually go by my Chinese name 周佳逸 Zhou JiaYi. Even still, Chinese people seem to prefer to call me 洋媳妇 (foreign bride),山东媳妇 (Shandong bride),洋妞 (foreign girl),or just 美国妞 (american girl).

I’m just a normal American girl who somehow ended up living in China, marrying a Chinese man and giving up her native language. I guess that doesn’t make me so normal after all. Unlike other people, the purpose of my blog is simply to prevent the inevitable deterioration of my English and perhaps improve a bit on my Chinese.

Since I first came to China in 2005, I’ve traveled to about half of the provinces and lived in 3 of them – Shaanxi in the west, Shandong in the east, and Guangdong in the South. I’ve lived in one of the biggest cities in China and one of the smallest farming villages; I’ve lived in the oldest capital and the newest capital driven metropolis; I’ve seen China’s new and old, rural and metropolitan and many places in between.

I’ve been a
Olympic volunteer
shop attendant
TV show host
voice actor
There are many things that I’ve done in China, but mostly I just live here with my husband and lead a fairly normal Chinese lifestlye. I often worry that I am becoming too Chinese…

9 responses to “About

  1. As a foreigner living in China, I love reading your blog! So relatable!

  2. thereo

    Hi admire your courage and learn a completely new things in life, experiencing new culture, immersing oneself to look from the inside instead of imagining from the outside. Keep it up!

    By the way, in your 2nd paragraph of “About me”, marring a Chinese man and such…. I think you made a point by saying that your blog is to maintain your mother language. Hope you could update soon. The definition is completely changed after typo. 🙂

  3. Hi, I found your blog. You are brave! I look forward to reading your blog. I have a few Chinese friends, i am a japanese. i know a few Japanese who lived in china.. i am interested in what an american see in daily life in china.

  4. quiang

    nice Chinese name

  5. Manny

    “Unlike other people, the purpose of my blog is simply to prevent the inevitable deterioration of my English and perhaps improve a bit on my Chinese.”

    Hey Girl,
    If you want to prevent the inevitable deterioration of your English, then do the following:
    1) go out once in awhile with some of your fellow White girls and create havoc in the town;
    2) go and try to get wild with the girls just as White girls do; and
    3) try to wear some low cut skirt and attract the attention of some White boys (or Western men) and speak to them (without actually letting them seduce you as you are a married woman after all).
    This should be the cure to preven the deterioration of your English skills.

    • Ridiculous

      “Manny” — FYI your English is terrible. Remedial courses are in order prior to you dishing out any ‘advice’ to others. Douche.

  6. Manny

    Oops! I meant to write “prevent.”

  7. 你好 周佳逸,

    I really like your blog – it’s incredibly educating. I am editing an online culture magazine and was wondering if we could republish some of your blogposts? If you would be interested, simply send us an email editor[at]the-re-view[dot]org

    We’re non-profit, so we don’t pay. We want to make interesting cultural information available online, and I think your writing would be perfect for that.

    Would love to hear from you,

    The Re|view

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