Day 3 of Irma: it starts

It moved west. The eye is going to miss us, but it’s destroying the west coast of Florida. It breaks my heart to see the damage this storm is doing. I’ve reached out to all my friends in south and west Florida and those that were staying had changed their minds. My friends that evacuated to Georgia now have to brace for the storm they were trying to avoid. 

This morning I heard the word “anticlimactic” a lot. I get it. There is a lot of build up to a storm like this and it makes you feel like the end of days is coming, but you really don’t want it to be climactic. My husband and Inlaws think nothing of the rain or wind now that the hurricane moved. I actually had the opposite experience. 

This morning the wind woke me up. The hurricane isn’t supposed to be near us until tonight but the wind was already howling this morning. This is a huge storm! It’s been dark all day and the rain nonstop. You know it’s not normal rain when it comes in sideways. 

I got cabin fever this morning and went to search for batteries for my kids’ toy. I checked online for the stores that were open and drove out. It turned out both stores I tried were closed. In fact, everything was closed. There were a few other cars that seemed to be driving aimlessly or also not knowing where to go. It was very weird seeing gas stations closed. While some business were boarded up, others didn’t even bring their promotional signage in! There was already tree debris on the road and those signs will be there soon enough. The wind was already scary enough to not want to drive again.

Of course nothing happened today, we are just waiting. Some of our friends locally already lost power, but our power kept us with a steady supply of Netflix and news. I prepped our safe room with blankets and flashlights. The tornado warnings started earlier than I expected but I’m ready. My husband and Inlaws think I’m crazy, but they have never been through a destructive hurricane or tornado. I had to convince my father in law to not sleep in his bed tonight because I don’t want to risk the two trees outside his room falling in his sleep.

I wasn’t afraid of hurricanes when I was younger. In college, they literally were just parties by candlelight. Even younger, it was  time away from school. Of course I knew about the destruction. I’ve seen it so many times. I just didn’t have to be the responsible adult preparing for the hurricane until I had kids, then I became kind of crazy. I will unabashedly prepare for everything now.

I won’t get to sleep tonight. I will be listening for anything breaking or tornado warnings in my area in case we need to move away from the windows. The worst of the storm starts around midnight tonight and will last for about 12 hours. I’ll sleep tomorrow when everyone is safe. 


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