Oh Boy

I have fulfilled my duty as a daughter-in-law by selecting the Y chromosome. My 18 week ultrasound confirmed that my little baby is a boy! My in-laws said they would have been happy either way, but they only said this after we found out we are having a boy. They are quite happy to say the least. After all, there is a shortage of Asian men in the world.

My sister-in-law was not so happy though. She is four months further along than I am and didn’t find it fair that we found out the sex of our baby before she did. Yup, it’s illegal for doctors to tell a couple the sex of their baby in China. In fact, this caused a bit of confusion because after we announced we are having a boy to the Chinese world, everyone wanted baby pictures and congratulated us on the birth.

Almost immediately after our ultrasound, my sister-in-law felt very grateful to her doctor. As a token of this newfound appreciation, she gave him a red envelope. The doctor was so moved by this gesture that he let her know that it is very likely she will also have a boy.

We are both having boys! I’m so excited my son will have a “brother” so close in age. If only they could grow up closer together.

I hear boys are full of energy and actually easier than girls. I can’t wait to meet him, and my husband is so excited to have a son. All men universally seem to want a son. It is just kind of awkward when Chinese people congratulate me as if I won the genetic lottery by having a boy. Then again, if he is anything like his father, maybe I did win the genetic lottery.



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3 responses to “Oh Boy

  1. Núria

    Congratulations for…your baby^^. If next child is a daughter, you’ll be able to tell us if there is any difference in the congratuations compared to now, lol. Now..the hard job of selecting a name! My boyfriend is Chinese, I’m Spanish, and whenever we talk about names I tell him as a joke “we can name our son Xavi” (it’s pronounced as shabi), or also “we can name her as Rosa” (or any other name containing a vibrant R in it) XD.

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