Day 9: luxury

Some things that I really missed about living in China were the indulgences. Today we enjoyed getting pampered.
In the US, I can never seem to find time to cut my hair, and while I get pretty terrible hair cuts in China, they give really nice head and shoulder massages while they do it. It is some seriously nice papering.
I tend to avoid mani-pedis in the US because they never keep. My nails do not like polish; it always chips after a day, even gels. Something about the way they do it in China, probably some serious chemicals, but my nails stay perfect until they grow out. I think they actually superglue plastic nails on and then cover them with a gel polish; whatever they do, it stays beautiful and doesn’t chip. I really only get my nails done in China. I was able to get a full set of french tips and a gel pedicure for about $20 and it is better than what I could get in the US.
I also missed bubble tea. It was so nice relaxing with friends while drinking yummy milk tea. More and more milk tea shops are opening up in the US so I can get it there, but it just isn’t the same.
It’s true that my hands and feet became immediately dirty from the dirt roads and factory air and my hair was a tangled mess as soon as I stepped out into the wind, but I felt momentarily put together.


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  1. Andy Z

    No matter how bad the air pollution is in China, you get to feel at least once in a while what’s like to live like a king, or queen:)

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