Do foreigners really exist?

Look, a foreigner! They DO exist, I thought they were only on TV!
– said a neighboring farmer.

Those were the first words I heard as I stepped out of the “bread truck” into my husband’s hometown. They gave a pretty good idea as to what kind of world I was going to spend the next month and half. I was not prepared.

That was back during the Spring Festival 2006, and I still don’t know how to feel about people doubting my existence.



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6 responses to “Do foreigners really exist?

  1. I can completely relate. There have been so many times when I’ve felt like a figment of someone’s imagination in China. Once, an ex-Chinese boyfriend of mine told me he thought our time together was interesting enough to make a story to tell his brother — and it made me feel even more unreal, like someone in a fairy tale.

  2. thelocaldialect

    What a funny comment! I think when I first went to my husband’s hometown people were just sort of speechless. I noticed no one even gave me the old “hello!” My husband said that was because they were too shocked to say anything at all. Pretty unusual in this country … 😉

  3. Chris

    You guys are like unicorns in China. I bet people want to pet you too 😛

  4. Eddie


  5. Wow, reading your blog is like reading my memories! 😀 I remember the first time I visited my husband’s village in Hunan, all kind of neighbors and “relatives” came out of no where to see the 美国妞。Most people doubted their eyes, and every one asked if I was from Xinjiang! The following morning the “mayor” of the 小镇 came to my in-laws place because he said he had to see the 美国来外 for himself, because he said, “You know, we’ve only seen American girls on TV, never in real-life!”

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